Mike Reynolds is a producer, DJ, SF/F writer, and head of Black Dragon River Music.

He's been making electronic music since 1996 under a variety of aliases (including Sine Tempus, El Jefe & the Peacemakers, Tao Jones, 2 Sleepy Weasels, ninehandscutting, and others) in a never-ending exploration of the wilds of music made from circuits and tubes.


He's released music over the years on labels such as OLD SQL, Hijinks, Foldspace,  and of course BDRM.


Despite being born and raised in Florida, his music has more in common with the Berlin modular scene, the Industrial experiments of Northern England and Vancouver in the late 80s & early 90s, and the psychedelic ambient/chillout of Lyon. He honors such influences as Download, Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Cabaret Voltaire, Ellen Allien, and Aes Dana.

His writing influences include Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, William Gibson, C.S. Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, and Ursula K. Leguin.

His current love is the never-ending rabbit hole that is Eurorack.

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