Mike Reynolds is a producer, DJ, and owner of Black Dragon River Music. He's been making electronic music since 1996 under a variety of aliases (including Sine Tempus, El Jefe & the Peacemakers, Tao Jones, 2 Sleepy Weasels, ninehandscutting, and others) due to a complete inability to focus on one genre or sound.


He's released music over the years on labels such as OLD SQL, Hijinks, Foldspace,  and of course BDRM.


Mike brings an unusual perspective to music that comes from an unusual life. He's had jobs and careers ranging from Doctor of Oriental Medicine to architectural designer, door-to-door salesman to posh furniture store sales, martial arts instructor to stay-at-home dad. He also writes speculative fiction.


Mikes current fixation is the world of audio hardware and the texture of non-linearity in electronic music.

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